Residential & Commercial Home Inspection





Single family residential home inspection, 4 point and wind mitigation:


$345.00 (10% discount to military and first responders).


*We provide Florida Wind Mitigation inspections for free with this service. Wind Mitigation is an insurance company requirement prior to purchasing a home in Florida.



Condo & Multi Unit / Commercial


Condo & Multi unit                                                                         Call for quote

Commercial buildings                                                                    Call for quote



Individual System/Subsystem Inspections


We provide Florida approved and Internachi certified Wind Mitigation Inspections for $100..00.  This inspection is often required by the insurance carrier.


For those who do not require a full home/building inspection but would like to have a particular system inspected, Legacy HI offers Individual system / subsystem inspections.  These inspections include any system or subsystem that would be performed as part of a normal building inspection.  Legacy HI charges a flat rate fee for this service of $125.00 per system/subsystem.


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